Meta-information is the head element that contains general information about a document. It means “information about”. Information Inside the Head Element A browser does not display the elements inside the head element. Only a few tags are valid inside the head section, according to the HTML standard. They are <base>, <meta>, <title>, <link>, <style> andRead More


Inside the head element HTML also includes a meta element. To provide meta-information about the document is the purpose of the Meta element. The Meta element is used to provide information most often that is relevant to browsers or search engines like describing the content of your document. Keywords for Search Engines The name andRead More

HTML 5 DataList

To apply auto complete feature in input text field DataList is used which is a new HTML5 tag shipped. HTML5 DataList tag Introduction As a part of HTML5 specification <datalist> tag has launched. Bu using this tab we can define a list of data and can be used to show list for an input box.Read More

HTML Elements

Text files are HTML documents which are defined by HTML elements. Start Tag Content End Tag <p> This is paragraph content. </p> <h1> This is heading content. </h1> <div> This is division content. </div> <hr> HTML Tags To markup HTML elements HTML tags are used. The two characters < and > surrounds HTML Tags AngleRead More

HTML Attributes

Additional information can be added in some HTML elements which is known as an attribute. A unique set of their own attributes is a part of many HTML tags. Attributes are the part of HTML tags which provides to an HTML element. Name/Value pairs like: name=”value” are Attributes. The start tag of an HTML elementRead More

HTML Headings

In HTML documents Headings are very useful. To create different size of page headings they are used according to their importance. By the use of <h1> to <h6> HTML tags. <h6> defines the least heading and <h1> defines the most important heading. HTML Heading Example Example <html> <body> <h1>This is a heading One</h1> <h2>This isRead More

HTML Formatting

On your website, if you place more and more elements then you have to make necessary minor changes to the formatting of the elements. There are ways to add some flavor with attributes and align elements within other elements as we have discussed in HTML Attributes. Text elements are further amplified by several tags. TheRead More

HTML Entities

In HTML there is a special meaning for some characters like the < character and cannot be used in the text. We have to use a character entity to display a less than sign in HTML. Character Entities In HTML some characters have a special meaning by defining the start of an HTML tag byRead More

HTML Colors

HTML Colors For the combination of Red, Green And Blue color values, HTML colors can be defined as a  hexadecimal notation. The highest value that can be given to one light source is 255 and the lowest value is 0. HTML Colors Code The result of combining Red, Green and Blue light sources is shownRead More

HTML Layout

The layout of HTML is very basic. With the body tag alone there are not many options. On the other hand, Tables are the bread and butter of HTML layouts. Including table themselves, any element may be placed inside of a table. Example Output-Table Inside Table The black one is the inner table and theRead More