Excel Tutorial

MS Excel is a commercial spreadsheet application, we also called Microsoft Excel’ and also known as ‘Excel’, is a Spread Sheet Program, which allows opening, create, edit, formatting, calculate, share and print data in Tabular format. Serves. MS Excel is developed by Microsoft. MS Excel is a part of Microsoft Office. The MS Excel 2010Read More

PDF Reader For PC

Here we are sharing few links from you can easily download the the pdf reader for pc. 1. https://www.qoppa.com/pdfstudioviewer/download/ 2. https://download.cnet.com/PDF-Reader-for-Windows-7/3000-18497_4-75012479.html 3. https://filehippo.com/download_pdf-reader-for-windows-7/

Rust Introduction

Rust is a system-level programming language that is changing the way we think about programming, rust is developed by the Mozilla Corporation.

Django File Uploading

This feature of a web application enables it to upload a file (such as an image, document, video, etc.). In this chapter, we will help you understand how to upload files within an application. Also Read: Django Generic Views How To Upload An Image? For this feature to work, you are required to have a pre-installedRead More

Django Generic Views

View writing is a bit difficult task in a few of the cases. For the successful completion of such a task, you will be required to have a static or a listing page. Django offers an easy way to set simple views which are also known as generic views. Also Read: Django Template System Generic viewsRead More

Django Apache Setup

Till now, in all our modules, we have been using the Django dev web server. But Django dev web server is used for testing purpose only. There will no involvement of the production environment. In such a scenario where you are required to get involved in the production then you should be using real serversRead More

Django Template System

It is possible using Django to separate the coding of HTML and Python. Until now, you must be clear with the fact that Python goes in Views. On the other hand, HTML goes in templates. Now, to link these two separately coded modules, there is a need to rely on the render function. Here, youRead More

Django Models

A model is a representation of tables or collections present in a database. This model makes sure that every attribute of the class denotes a field of the table or the collection. All the models are defined under the app/models.py file. As per our example, all the models will fall under myapp/models.py file. Also Read: DjangoRead More

Django Page Redirection

There are several reasons for which you are required to have the facility of page redirection. From an action based page redirection to the one where you are required to resolve an error. For an instance, if a user enters a website, he/she gets redirected to the home page of the website or after theRead More

Django URL Mapping

Now, when you have successfully created a view for your application, you are required to access this view using an associated URL. Django framework owns a separate way of URL mapping which is done with the help of url.py file. You can locate this file under the myproject/url.py path. The file will contain the followingRead More