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Bootstrap is a type of front-end framework that provides an opportunity to make fast and effective web development. Through the framework of BS4, you can design webpage and mobile websites as well. Bootstrap consists of advanced level templates to execute the operations required for mobile website development.
The design templates that you will get through bootstrap are HTML and CSS. These templates can be used for typography, forms, tables, navigation, and buttons. Moreover, it can be used for image carousels and JavaScript plugins. Through Bootstrap, you can create responsive designs.
The biggest benefit of using Bootstrap is that it creates websites that automatically adjust according to the interface. For example, if you want to use bootstrapping on the desktop, the website will automatically enlarge.

Comparing Bootstrap 3 vs Bootstrap 4
The Bootstrap 4 is the new version of Bootstrap that consists of advanced features and quick generation of stylesheets. It supports latest browser platform and offers error-free services to clients. If you are doing a work that requires the support of Internet Explorer 9, then go for Bootstrap 3.

Why to use Bootstrap 4
There are various advantages of bootstrap and some of them are as follows
• Easy to use
If you have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, you can start using Bootstrap. The user interface is friendly and can be mastered by anyone.

• Responsive features
The responsive nature of Bootstrapping 4 helps in adjusting easily to the tablets, phones and desktops.

• Mobile-first approach
In bootstrapping, making mobile websites are must and are very much part of the framework of BS4 system.

Browser Compatibility
The Bootstrap 4 is made in such a way that it is compatible with the latest browsers like Safari and Mozilla. This helps the developers to use any browser for mobile website development. It is a versatile framework.