Android Time Picker

Android Time Picker offers you a functionality where a user can select the time of a day manually. This can be done either in the 24 hours format or in AM-PM mode. The application bundled with the Time Picker will allow the user to pick various components of the time, which are hours, minutes, andRead More

Android Date Picker

Android DatePicker UI control helps the user to select a date from a custom user interface. This date generally consists of a year, a month, and the day of the month. To adopt this functionality in an application, a developer needs to use the DatePicker and the DatePickerDialog components. Also Read: Android Progress Bar Various Methods ControllingRead More

Android Progress Bar

A Progress Bar is used to measure the progress of an ongoing task. For an instance, you can see the upload or download of an element to the or from the Internet, respectively. That’s where a progress bar comes into existence. Also Read: Android RadioGroup Control Various Methods Provided by the ProgressDialog Class The creation ofRead More

Android RadioGroup Control

A set of radio buttons combine to make use of the RadioGroup class. The working of a RadioGroup is linked with the working of the each one of radio buttons involved in it. So, if a user checks one of the radio buttons belonging to a Radio Group then it will automatically uncheck any ofRead More

Android CheckBox Control

A CheckBox control acts as an on and off switch which can be controlled by the user. The two states of this UI control are checked and unchecked. A user can either keep the offered feature either in the checked state or in the unchecked state. This CheckBox UI control can be used in aRead More

Android ToggleButton Control

A ToggleButton control can be defined as a simple on-off button with a light indicator to represent a checked state. A ToggleButton can be switched to either of the two available states, which are checked and unchecked. Also Read: Android ImageButton Control Various ToggleButton Attributes The important and often used attributes of the ToggleButton control areRead More

Android ImageButton Control

An ImageButton UI control falls under the AbsoluteLayout which makes it possible for the ImageButton to specify the accurate location of its children. This UI control usually appears as a button with an icon or image rather than a text on it. To use this UI control during the runtime of the application, a userRead More

Android Spinner

Spinner is an Android User Interface (UI) control which lets a user select an option from the drop-down list. Also Read: Android RadioButton Control In the above screenshot of Gmail application, you can easily see a drop-down menu with three options, which are Reply, Reply All, and Forward. The Spinner UI control makes it possible forRead More

Android RadioButton Control

A Radio Button is an Android UI control which permits a user to select one of the options from a set. This UI control is generally used in applications where a developer includes MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions). Well, a RadioButton can go through in either of the two available states. These two states of a RadioButtonRead More

Android Button Control

A Button is a normal push button which is also one of the often used UI control. To use a button at the run time of an application, the user needs to either press it or click it to perform a specific action linked to it. Also Read: Android AutoCompleteTextView Control In the above image, you canRead More