AngularJS Filters

Filters are used to format the value of an expression for display to the user. They can be added to templates, controllers, directives or services and you can also define your own filters. Using filters, Angular lets you organize data so that it only displays data if it meets certain criteria. Also Read: Angularjs Directives AngularJS providesRead More

AngularJS – Directives

Angularjs Directives Also Read: Angularjs First Application Name Description ngJq Use this directive to force the angular.element library. This should be used to force either jqLite by leaving ng-jq blank or setting the name of the jquery variable under window (eg. jQuery). This example shows how to use a jQuery based library of a differentRead More

AngularJS First Application

In the AngularJS environment, we just saw how and where to write code. Let us know learn a step by step procedure to create your first AngularJS application. Also Read: Angularjs Components Any AngularJS application consists of following main parts: ng-app : The ng–app directive tells AngularJS that this is the root element of theRead More

AngularJs Components

AngularJS directives allow the developer to specify custom and reusable HTML-like elements and attributes that define data bindings and the behavior of presentation components. Some of the most commonly used directives are: ng-animate – A module provides support for JavaScript, CSS3 transition and CSS3 keyframe animation hooks within existing core and custom directives.Since ng-* attributesRead More

Angularjs – Introduction

What is AngularJS? AngularJS, a JavaScript framework developed by a Googler and supported by Google has become quite a buzz word in past few months. More and more developers are using it and thus the community has grown significantly. Not only they love it, but they can’t stop praising it. AngularJS takes declarative programming toRead More

Angular Js Tutorial

“Angular is an open source JavaScript framework which simplifies binding code between JavaScript objects and HTML UI elements.” AngularJS is the JavaScript structure of Google to influence SPA (to single page applications or one-page web applications or dynamic web application) and which was as of late influenced accessible to the public under the MIT license.Read More