Hadoop – Conclusion

Big Data has taken the world by storm. It is said that the next decade will be going to be dominated by Big-data wherein all the companies will be using the data available to them to learn about their company’s ecosystem and improving fallbacks. All major universities and companies have started investing in building toolsRead More

Hadoop – Multi Node Cluster

In this tutorial, we will look at the process of setting up the Hadoop Multi-Node cluster in a distributed environment. This helps in speedy code execution and saves cost and computation time as well. Demonstrating the whole cluster is out of the scope of this tutorial, hence we have tried to explain the Hadoop clusterRead More

Hadoop Streaming

Hadoop streaming is part of the utility package in the Hadoop distribution. With the help of Hadoop streaming, you can define and execute MapReduce jobs and tasks with any executable code or script a reducer or mapper. Also Read: Hadoop MapReduce Let’s take an example of the word-count problem: A Hadoop job has a mapper andRead More

HDFS Operations

Starting HDFS To start HDFS, the HDFS file system has to be configured. To do that open NameNode and execute the below command: $ hadoop namenode -format Also Read: Hadoop Mapreduce Once the formatting of the HDFS system is complete then the distributed file system can be started. To start the data nodes and name nodes as theRead More

Hadoop MapReduce

What is MapReduce? MapReduce is a software framework where applications can be written to process big data. These applications can be run in parallel on clusters of hardware. This distributed computing model is based on Java. Running it on large hardware clusters is reliable and tolerant to faults. In a MapReduce job, the input dataRead More

Hadoop – Command reference

The Hadoop commands follow a similar structure and hence are easy to implement. The command structure is: shellcommand [SHELL_OPTIONS] [COMMAND] [GENERIC_OPTIONS] [COMMAND_OPTIONS] Also Read: Hadoop Environment Setup Shellcommand The shellcommand defines the command of a project that is being executed. HDFS framework uses hdfs as shellcommand and the YARN framework uses yarn as the shellcommand and the Hadoop common uses Hadoop as shellcommand. [post_middile_section_ad] Shell Options ThisRead More

Hadoop HDFS Architecture

HDFS Architecture The architecture of Hadoop is given below: Also Read: HDFS Overview Hadoop is designed on a master-slave architecture and has the below-mentioned elements: Namenode The commodity Namenode consists of the GNU or Linux operating system, its library for file setup, and the namenode software. The system that has the namemode is the masterRead More

Hadoop Environment Setup

Downloading Hadoop Hadoop can be downloaded from one of the below websites 1)      www.apache.org 2)      www.ant.apache.org 3)      www.hadoop.apache.org Installation— Invest some time to set up and for installing a perfectly working Hadoop environment. Also Read:  Big Data Solutions How to install the Hadoop Using and installing Hadoop is a pretty simple task. One has to setup Hadoop inRead More

Hadoop – Big Data Solutions

With rapid advancement in technology, something new is created every day. Whether it is a new gadget or new software, it always manages to make everyone’s lives more convenient and definitely easier. Big Data Solution is one such advancement in the technological world that has benefitted the corporate world in many ways. It is oftenRead More

Hadoop – HDFS

What is HDFS? HDFS system has been developed to use the distributed file system. It can store huge amount of data-sets and is fault tolerant. It is very easy to access the data as it stored is a systematic order across multiple machines. This kind of data storage helps in preventing data loss due toRead More