Hadoop Introduction

In this time of innovation, taking care of an extensive information is very regular for any industry. In any case, with Apache Hadoop, it is getting to be noticeably less demanding step by step. Written in Java, an open-source structure, Hadoop can proficiently deal with an incredible information with the assistance if its own particularRead More

What is Big Data?

What is Big Data? The term Big Data is frequently used to signify a capacity framework where distinctive kinds of information in various configurations can be put away for examination and driving business choices. Any information which can’t be stored on Hard Disk or in a solitary framework is considered as Big Data. Its sizeRead More

Limitations of Hadoop

Hadoop Disadvantages Not suited for little records – Hadoop works better with the modest number of vast documents, not with a substantial number of little documents as the overhead included invalidates the advantage. Additionally having a substantial number of little documents will over-burden the namenode which stores metadata about the records. Also Read: How Hadoop Works? Better forRead More

How Hadoop Works?

At the point when a gigantic record is put into HDFS, the Hadoop structure parts that document into pieces (Block measure 128 MB as a matter of course). These squares are then duplicated into hubs over the group. Each piece is duplicated as well (default is 3 for every square) with the goal that disappointmentRead More

Why Use Hadoop?

In order to overcome the concerns of the complexity of gathering and storing the data led to the invention of HADOOP. Also Read: Hadoop Tutorial 1. SCALABLE: This platform can store and distribute large file data into hundreds of servers that operate in parallel. It enables the business to run applications on thousands of nodesRead More

Hadoop Tutorial

Hadoop – A creation of Apache Software Solution, is an open source tool. Open source venture implies that it is accessible to all and we can even change its source code according to the prerequisites. Hadoop is composed in the Java programming language and is among the largest Apache ventures. Also Read: CodeIgniter Tutorial ItRead More