Laravel Application Structure

The application is broadly divided into the root directory and app directory. The following section is dedicated to the files and folders of the Laravel’s root and app directories. Laravel’s Root Directory The root directory of Laravel contains the given files and folders. * app – The app folder contains the complete code of theRead More

Laravel Installation

Before installing the Laravel framework, you need to have a Composer which can help you in managing the Laravel’s dependencies. Step 1: Download Composer Get a copy of Composer, composer.phar by visiting the URL: Note: Once you download the copy of PHAR archive, you can keep this Composer either in the local directory orRead More

Laravel Overview

Introduction Laravel is a PHP web application framework which is based on the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture. The primary objective of this open-source framework is to reduce the designing cost for a website. It also helps in enhancing the quality of the code. The framework can also be called as a combination of bundles,Read More

Laravel Tutorial

Laravel is a free, open-source MVC PHP framework which is designed to provide a simple web applications toolkit with the expressive syntax to the developers. The creator of this web application framework is Taylor Otwell but its first version released in the year of 2011. Our tutorial will briefly explain the important aspects of Laravel.Read More