Installing MariaDB on LINUX/UNIX

MariaDB is a drop-in replacement in MySQL. It is simple to set up and provide many speed and execution changes, It is also simple to coordinate into most MySQL arrangements. Similarity inquiries can be found at: MariaDB vs MySQL – Compatibility. MariaDB offers more memory than MySQL, including Cassandra (NoSQL), XtraDB, and OQGRAPH. Instructions for installingRead More

MariaDB – PHP Syntax

PHP gives a choice of capacities to working with the MySQL database. These capacities perform errands like getting to it or performing operations, and they are completely good with MariaDB. Basically call these capacities as you would call some other PHP work. The PHP functions you will use for MariaDB conform to the following formatRead More

MariaDB – Connection

That things covers to interfacing with MariaDB and the essential association parameters. On the off chance that you are totally new to MariaDB. So as to interface with the MariaDB server, the customer programming must give the right association parameters. The User programming will frequently be the mysql User, utilized for entering explanations from theRead More

MariaDB – Create Database

What is MariaDB ? MariaDB Server is a standout amongst the most prevalent database servers on the planet. It’s made by the first designers of MySQL and ensured to remain open source. Striking clients incorporate Wikipedia, and Google. MariaDB hands information into organized data over a wide cluster of utilizations, running from managing anRead More