Ruby on Rails Active Records

Ruby on Rails Active Record can be defined as the Object Relational Mapping (ORM) layer supplied with Rails. It follows the model of ORM only by adopting the following workflow – * tables get mapped into classes, * rows get mapped into objects, and * columns get mapped into object attributes. Rails Active Record acts asRead More

Ruby on Rails Installation

Before you start developing a web application with the help of Ruby on Rails framework, you need to have a list of software installed in your system. The list is given below – * Ruby, * Ruby on Rails framework, * a web server, and * a database system. We are assuming that you areRead More

Ruby on Rails MVC Framework

A framework can be defined as a set of programs with built-in libraries which help you in writing most of your web application’s code. When a developer uses a framework to build a web application, the main objective is to save time and build a task specific application. Now, when you are using Rails forRead More

Ruby on Rails – Introduction

What is Ruby? There are a few things you should be aware of. The base for Rails is Ruby and that’s where we’ll begin with. Ruby is a computer programming language that can be described as a combination of – * Elegance of Smalltalk’s concepts, * Ease of use and ease of learn from Python,Read More