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Hadoop – A creation of Apache Software Solution, is an open source tool. Open source venture implies that it is accessible to all and we can even change its source code according to the prerequisites. Hadoop is composed in the Java programming language and is among the largest Apache ventures.

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It is used for storing and processing Big Data.

What is big data?
‘Big Data’ is a term used to depict accumulation of information that is tremendous in measure but developing exponentially with time. In short, such an information is so substantial and complex that none of the traditional information administration tools can store it or process it effectively.

How Hadoop helps?
Hadoop gives an approach to store Big Data. Your information is put away in hinders in DataNodes and you determine the measure of each piece.


Hadoop comprises of three key parts –

  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) – It is the capacity layer of Hadoop.
  • Map-Reduce – It is the information handling layer of Hadoop.
  • YARN – It is the asset administration layer of Hadoop.