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The layout of HTML is very basic. With the body tag alone there are not many options. On the other hand, Tables are the bread and butter of HTML layouts. Including table themselves, any element may be placed inside of a table.


Output-Table Inside Table

The black one is the inner table and the white one which is the outer table exists inside the black one. You may be might confused about the fact that how this system will allow the creation of limitless layouts.

HTML-Standard Layout

A banner near the top, navigation, and your content or display box are contained in a fairly standard layout. To any great website, these are the backbone.

Basic Layout

Yet organized but this approach is basic. For the viewer to follow websites become too complex often times. You will need to be sure to properly assign height and width value to your tables as well, the code becomes complex rather fast. The less debugging you will have to perform, the more specific you have to be about heights and widths.