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Hyper Text Markup Language is a set of special markers formally know as HTML Markup Tags which defines the style and structure of the document.HTML Markup Tags are what which distinguish  HTML Code from normal text. HTML Tags are basically short codes placed between opening and closing angle brackets (< and >) with an optional list of tag attributes.


<tagname attribute-name="attribute-value">content</tagname>

Using HTML Tags we can perform cool stuffs like adding stylish text, images and tables in webpage. Different tags have different functions.HTML tags never displays when we view our page using a browser, but their effects is visible.

HTML Tags can be of two types –

Paired Tags

A tag is said to be paired tag if it comes along with a companion tag.HTML Tags usually come in pairs, one is opening tags and other is closing tags, closing tag is same as start tag, with a forward slash before the tag name. The actual text is placed in between.

Singular Tags

Singular or stand-alone tags does not have the companion tag. For example <BR>  tag used to insert a line break, it does not require any closing tag.