Magento Advantages and Disadvantages

Magento Advantages and Disadvantages

Magento is an eCommerce website development platform which helps the developers to achieve their goal with simplicity. This open source platform can manage your website as per your business strategies. Below are the reasons depicting ‘Why Magento gained so much popularity in such a short span of time?’

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Advantages of Magento
Below are the listed reasons for choosing Magento over any other eCommerce software.

1. Features and Services
Magento offers several features such as layered navigation, advanced search for products and their comparisons, subscriptions, availability of wish lists, and the content management facility. These features lead to the enhancement of customer experience and satisfaction. It also provides Google Services which include Google Analytics, Google Base, and Google Checkout. This improves the lead generation process.


2. Magento Editions
Magento Editions provides flexibility to your business. You can select your Magento plan according to the size, requirement, and budget of your business. For an instance, following Magento editions are suited for different requirements.

  • Magento Go – for small businesses
  • Magento Enterprise – for medium and large businesses

3. Magento SEO
With Magento SEO, you will be able to effectively manage the page traffic, content syndication, indexing, and various other search engine optimization issues.

4. Magento Shopping Cart
The availability of shopping cart on Magento comes with wide range of payment gateway. It supports almost 50 ways of purchasing the online product. The payment methods range from credit cards to PayPal, from money orders to Google Checkouts, and many others.

5. Multiple Store Management
Magento offers you the convenient way to manage multiple stores with a single administrative panel. This is a time-saving feature of the software.

6. Magento Mobile
The compatibility of this platform is with all the mobile devices (such as smartphones, tablets, Notebook, iPad, etc.) which makes it unique. It enhances the customer experience.

7. Scalability
It is easy to add more features (as per your project’s requirements) to this software. The platform has been created in PHP language which makes it possible for the platform to adopt features as per your need.

8. Reporting
Another wonderful feature of this platform is that the administrator (or admin) of the website gets the detailed report so to improve your business’ performance.

9. No Limitation Because of Physical Existence
With Magento, there is no barrier with different languages, currencies, and tax rates. It almost covers every geographical corner of the world.

10. Magento Marketing Tools
There are several tools available on this platform for making your business visible to the world. The branding of your products can be done through sales, coupons, multi-tier pricing, combo products, and via many other methods.

11. Order Management
With the use of Magento, you can eradicate the cumbersome situation of order management. Magento allows you to follow a systematic pattern for viewing the products, editing of customers’ orders, raising invoices, etc.


12. Security
For all those who are having their business on private servers can keep all their information absolutely secured from the third parties. This secured information may include customer records, your products, customer orders, and transaction details.

Other Important Features You Should Be Aware Of
Magento offers various interesting features for all your products which include image zoom-in and stock availability evaluation. Your online store will also have the support of RSS feeds. The platform enables you to ship your order to multiple addresses at the same time.

Disadvantages of Magento
Every software comes with a bunch of drawbacks. Here, we have listed out all the major disadvantages of Magento.

1. Consumption of Larger Disk Space
Whenever Magento go through heavy processes, it consumes larger disk space and memory. You will be needed to have a strong hardware system to run this software. The businesses using cloud services can also face difficulties during the heavy processes.

2. Complex Customized Functionality
Magento is not meant for the inexperienced users. Its customization functionality comes with several real-time challenges. First, this functionality is very complex on its own. And secondly, you need to appoint professional Magento developers (rare to find) who will take longer to time to come up with your desired customized functionality.


3. Slow
Magento has not been effectively written on the PHP Zend Framework. And that is the reason because of which this platform works slower than the other eCommerce websites.

4. Need for A Proper Hosting Environment
In a shared hosting environment, Magento won’t be able to work. For this arrangement to work properly, you will be required to buy a $25’s semi-dedicated VPS server. The amount needs to be paid every month. Also, if the hosting environment is not set-up properly then sooner or later, you will experience several problems.