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The primary way to store data amidst a PHP program is by utilizing a Variable.

So we are sharing most vital things to know about Variables in PHP.

  • In PHP programing Dollar sign ($) is used to indicate all variable.
  • The estimation of Variable’s latest assignment is the estimation of a variable.
  • Variables are allotted with the = operator, with the variable on the left-hand side and the articulation to be assessed on the other side.
  • The variable can be defined, yet don’t require to do so.
  • Variables in PHP don’t have characteristic sorts – a variable does not know ahead of time whether it will be utilized to store a number or a string of characters.

In PHP we can use 8 data types to create variables:

Integers − are whole numbers like 1234.

Doubles − are numbers with floating point, like 5.1346 or 251.132.

Booleans − Either true or false values.

NULL − It has only one value: NULL

Strings − Group of characters, like ‘Learn PHP with US.’

Arrays − Collections of values.

Objects − Classes are instances defined by a programmer or a run time entity.

Resources − hold references to assets outside to PHP.

An example for PHP Variables:

$hello = “Hello World!”;
$x_number = 1;
$anotherNumber = 6;

If you don’t use the “$”  in beginning then it will not work.