Swift advantages and Disadvantages

Swift Advantages and Disadvantages

Swift programming language is considered as one of the efficient languages which performs much better than the compiled languages. And it is much interactive and fun to use when compared with the scripting languages.

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Advantages of Swift Programming Language

  • Easy to Read and Maintain

The Swift program codes are near to natural English which is a blessing of syntaxes taken from programming languages such as Python, C#, and Ruby. The simple syntax of this language makes it more expressive.


  • Scalable

It is easy to add new features to this language which makes it a scalable one. And for the future scope, you must know that Apple is relying on Swift rather than Objective-C.

  • Concise

The language does not contain lengthy lines of code as the developers of Swift wanted to use concise syntax. In other words, a Swift programming code is capable of replacing around 70% of Objective-C mobile application development coding. This increases the development and testing rate of the program. Thus, making the Swift a cheaply maintained language.

  • Safety and Improved Performance

The speed and performance of Swift have already been proved in earlier points. It is almost 40% better than the Objective-C when speed and performance are taken into considerations. The bugs present in your Swift codes are easy to tackle when compared with other programming languages. Its robustness and bug fixing functionality leads to a safer environment.

  • Cross-device Support

This language is not only limited to iOS and iOS X apps. But it is also capable of handling other Apple platforms like MacOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

  • Automatic Memory Management

The feature of Automatic Memory Management prevents the memory leaks. It also helps in optimizing your application’s performance. To achieve this, Swift makes use of Automatic Reference Counting.


Disadvantages of Swift Programming Language

  • Problems with the Compatibility

With the consistent changes in the newer versions of Apple, Swift has been appeared as somewhat unstable. The updated versions of the Swift code face a few of the issues. Now, to fix these issues, you will consider shifting your project to a newer version of Swift which is a costly affair.

  • Speed Issues

The speed issues arise when we talk about the earlier versions of the Swift programming language.