Wordpress Installation

WordPress Installation

The whole WordPress installation process takes place in no more than 5 to 10 minutes. If you want the complete process to get finished in one-click then cPanel and Cloud Hosting are your solutions. For more quick installation, you can start by uploading all your required files to the web server directly.

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What are the system requirements for WordPress installation?

  • For Mac users, you need to install MAMP which stands for the installation of Macintosh, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.
  • For Windows users, you need to install WAMP which is Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.
  • For Linux users, install LAMP – Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.
  • Otherwise, XAMPP installation supports multiple platforms. And it comes along with the installation of Apache, MariaDB, PHP, and Perl.
  • The compatibility of WordPress goes well with PHP (version 5.2 or more) and MySQL (version 5.0 and more).


How to download WordPress?
WordPress is a well-known open source CMS platform. To download this platform, you need to visit the official website of WordPress. Click here to directly land on the downloading page. The web page will appear as the following where you can clearly see a Download button labeled as “Download WordPress 4.7.3”. Hit the download button and scroll down for the WordPress installation process.


How to install WordPress?
Before we jump directly to the installation process, you need to take care of a few steps. So, here are the few steps to follow before beginning the WordPress installation.

  • From the downloaded WordPress directory, you need to extract the files. Upload all these extracted files to your localhost or directly to the web server.
  • Open your web browser and enter the URL of the downloaded WordPress folder’s path. If you have uploaded the extracted files on the localhost then the URL will be http://localhost/wordpress_project_folder_name.
  • Create a new MySQL database before proceeding ahead.
  • Fill in all the initially required details on the WordPress Setup Wizard.

Now, it’s time that we go ahead with the final steps of WordPress installation.

Step 1: You are required to set the language preference on your first step. You will be displayed with a drop-down menu from where you can select from over 70 different languages.


Step 2: A few of the details are to be fed in before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3: At this step, all the initially required MySQL database connection details are to be inserted in. These details include Database Name, Username, Password, Database Host, and Table Prefix. The screen will appear as the following.

Step 4: You need to confirm all the entered details. This step is all about the database credential authentication. Well, if you have entered all the right information associated with the database then click on the “Run the install” button.

Step 5: Provide all the asked site admin information. You need to enter the details which include Site Title, Username, Password, and Your Email. Once you enter all the details, click on the “Install WordPress” button. You can also set the visibility of your website on the search engine.


You have successfully completed the WordPress installation. Once done, you can log in with your authorized credentials.